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Take your child away from the "mobile phone overuse"
Time:2016/5/28 Hits:10054

 This is the front of a small part "to the mobile phone overuse poem" where, when I first read this poem, the feeling is so familiar, so real. With the progress in this era of technology, everyone used to rely on technology products, dependent on the phone, but did not find the moment when you bow. In fact, many take place around happy hour is all from us pass. This is undoubtedly in the family is the greatest harm to the child, so now let us put down the phone, to lead our children together to get rid of "mobile phone overuse," fell in love with the thermal motion of the trampoline.

 Trampoline, I believe that when we hear the word is not very familiar with, which is very popular in recent years to start a very popular product for people of different ages have different play, especially children. Let our children not only exercise the body, more importantly, pull into the distance between us with children, let us follow the child's heart closer.
  For older children and adolescents point. Trampoline also designed a unique balance beam project, children this age like hyperactivity, body balance force at this time slowly began to form. So trampoline make kids better grasp of body balance, and grow. And in the fight game can let the children feel the fun of the game, like the challenge.
  For young people, especially girls, have designed a trampoline for their entertainment --- Yoga. Many girls have beauty of the heart, have a healthy posture. So Yoga is a special project of their favorite, trampoline yoga has changed the traditional drill mode, because the soft surface of the elastic so that they jump more easily adapted to the yoga exercise freely, feel the genuineness of the toughness of the United States. Find an unprecedented confidence.
 But for young boys, in trampoline would be complete without their presence, we combine the hearts of each of the boys' basketball Dream ", a kind of freedom can bounce fancy trampoline basketball, let us re-experience the charm of basketball. No brothers, no basketball era will eventually be replaced by non-trampoline is not brothers.
Trampoline is definitely a place you dream, it will make you fall in love with it slowly, so for our children, for our body, for our brothers dream. And even more so that children will no longer be "mobile phone overuse" Let us together with the children jumped up during the holidays.

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