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"Superman" most favorite person trampolines
Time:2016/3/15 Hits:9854
Participation trampolines sports friends from various occupations, ages there, they indulge in crazy hotel, jump in the bed of strange movements, full of unrestrained imagination, there is no fixed position, there is no uniform action, everyone can play Limit imagination, put a unique position.
But there are some common things can be seen, for example, Superman, this can fly freely in the sky hero, his action is most people's favorite, many users are willing to standard action superhuman pictures. There are some well-known figure is also a favored target users, such as Aladdin, Batman, Hulk and the like. Netizens different attitude, expressive, in various global hotel in PK each other funny degrees.
Jumping bed, if you do not know what the word meant, only that you OUT! Because it is one of today's hottest vocabulary network is trampolines or trampoline mean that this is not Bedjump athletic project trampoline but especially friends who will each hotel bed as a trampoline, relying on the elastic in the side of the bed above the dancing and posing for photos and photographed, and then spread to the Internet for people who have the same hobby comment. In addition, they will make the evaluation of the elastic bed each hotel.
It is understood that the sport was first launched by the British hotel reviews network, a short time they swept the Internet, only the number of photos to the site's users have been hundreds.
And this may be the hotel manager a headache to make the world a website, because people from various countries themselves in the hotel bouncer photos are placed here, who know when, or just another moment in which a hotel "Suffering"? in uploading photos, users of strange movements, difficulty no less than some gymnastic movements, and some less than thrilling extreme sports, these photos are crazy reproduced various sites worldwide, has become the most fashionable year 2009 simultaneous online and offline activity.

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