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Fitness trampoline do 10 minutes = 30 minutes of jogging
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 Jogging too fat burning effect is not ideal? Try the hottest summer in the Anglo-American trampoline fitness bar. Do not be afraid, not to make you really like the Olympic champion as high bounce on the trampoline do difficult tumbling action, but instead of using the trampoline floor, in the above to do some simple fitness movement, to achieve fuel between bounce purpose grease.

Compared to the concrete floor to do the movements, on the trampoline to do the movements of the limbs, especially the impact of the joint can be reduced to 80%, do 10 minutes of fat burning fitness trampoline and then 30 minutes of jogging quite. If you want to further enhance the trampoline effect of fitness, you can also participate in the "trampoline ramp" or "trampoline volleyball."
Compared to jogging, another big advantage trampoline fitness is not going to feel tired, such as jumping up and down from the large consumption to simply jump around, it also allows different parts of the body to get exercise. Professionals say that even walking on a trampoline, than walking on the ground and more fat burning, because the movement on a trampoline so unstable plane, "Can you mobilize all the core muscles, especially abdominal muscles," " this soft elastic will protect your joints. " Not only is the United Kingdom, trampoline fitness in the United States, Australia and other places are also very popular.

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