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Trampolines introductory explanation
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Trampoline known as "trampoline" (English as Trampoline) refers lovers good choice to bed (more often hotel bed), leaps in the air to make a variety of actions.
In 2009 "Trampoline", on the site quickly ran fire, Chinese translated as "trampoline" or "trampoline." Around the world has many fans love the sport. Enthusiasts tend to choose good elasticity bed (more often hotel bed), leaps to make a variety of actions in the air, and then capture the wonderful upload photos to blog or accept the picture upload site. Creative users who take advantage of this opportunity to give full play to their imaginations, jumping posture, strange facial expressions, excitement involved in no less than participating in an extreme sport.
The sport's creator on the site, said: "Participation of the sport, you will be excited to the very badly." For the trampoline sports, hotel guests the hotel bed as a trampoline in the Olympic Games, the participants in the jump bed movement enjoy show their "jump posture" and creative, and upload to blog to share with friends.
This movement is not the most important thing to jump, you jump but photographed the process, capture your posture most classic moment, so a good camera is essential.

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